Radiant is Reliable, Affordable & Green

Radiant is Reliable, Affordable & Green

Radiant is Reliable

Radiant floor heat is reliable. Installed with PEX tubing, the pipe lasts. The tubing doesn't rust or get holes. The tubing's inner walls are smooth and don’t attract contaminants to cling and cause a blockage. Radiant, being covered, never gets scratched and is not painted so it never has chipping paint like a radiator baseboard system may have.


Radiant is Affordable

Radiant is surprisingly affordable when comparing apples to apples.

When compared Radiant to ductwork based furnace systems, the heating medium (air in the case of a furnace and water in the case of radiant heat) can be routed from one point in the building to another quicker, with less damage, with less structural bracing, with less interaction from other trades and less downtime during construction.

While comparing to a ductwork-based furnace heating system, radiant heating doesn't require added humidifiers. Radiant heating uses small circulators which have less of an electrical draw when compared to fans on furnace air distribution systems.

Radiant heating when compared to a baseboard or radiator system is more efficient due to running at a lower water temperature. It's simple; heat water to 115°f uses X amount of BTUs. Heat water to 160°f or 180°f uses significantly more BTUs.


Radiant is green.

Radiant is green due to it using less energy then conventional heating systems, retaining its heat longer then other heating systems, its ability to be heated by the sun via solar thermal panels, and lastly radiant is green because unlike conventional boiler systems, radiant puts high efficiency boilers in the sweet spot where they want to run and get the efficiency they are rated for.

To conclude the series, all the above has contingencies and should not be taken as face value. Each job is unique and proper considerations as well as installation has to be present.


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Radiant is Unobtrusive

Radiant is Unobtrusive